Thom article and the 200-400mm

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Re: Thom article and the 200-400mm

This seems like a very unfair comment to me.

First, the two lenses have different purposes. Would you expect to shot that fills the frame with a 200mm focal length to be "better" with the 400mm lens?

Second, as Thom has pointed out many times, equipment is just one (and not the most important) factor in capturing better images. Ansel Adams would produce better photos with a point & shoot than I am capable of with my D300!

Third, Thom should not be subject to such comments simply because he's offered his well informed opinion to all of us--for free no less!

I suspect that those who own a lens which Thom didn't rank the highest are the ones who get the most defensive.

I own the 17-55--and you don't see me asking where the better images are from some other lens...


TangoWay wrote:

We have seen what Ray Barlow does with this lens, maybe Thom should
show us his 400mm, 2.8 shots and we could all see how much better
they are.

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