No new release from nikon for now?

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No new release from nikon for now?


Well im a D200 owner and as many here, have been impressed by the D3. Not really going to upgrade anytime soon unless i win the lottery but i still hang around this forum looking at D3 photos and stuff as i am also a gear and in general a gadget 'freak' :).

Anyway, i went by a shop to ask if they would trade in my D200 and for how much. We started talking with the guy there and he said that Canon invited them to the conference they are having in June/July(cant remember) and that they would be releasing 1 new slr and its not what we think. So if its not a mark3 or a new 5d it would be a cheaper slr which canon does not yet have.

As for nikon he said when they asked, the reply they got from nikon is that they shouldnt expect a new slr from them this year given that their current slr line is doing well and theres no need for anything else.

Now before anyone starts flaming me as if i 'worship' anything anyone tells me, i.e. 'because the guy at the shop says so then it should be true'...please dont. I am simply mentioning it here as many others have and to be honest it does seem as a reasonable statement.

As for speculation(recently joined this game :P):

  • If nikon's not releasing, maybe thats why canon might not be releasing? And vice versa.

Anyway i hope its just nikon 'throwing dust in our eyes' so we keep on buying. Personally if i had the money right now i would buy the D3 and forget about anything that 'might' be released its a great camera. Only a 'lower base iso'(i.e. 25/50) and still amazing high iso(i.e 3200) would interest me in a newer D3 cause of the sunny weather we get in Cyprus :).

Again i do not support the claims just mentioning what i heard, seems like a fun game these days :).

If a release is made by either canon or nikon, then game on, its going to be a fun ride.

Personally i think maybe next year we will see something new.

Thats all thanks for listening to my rant.

p.s i apologize for any bad grammar or 'word combination' as i like to call it

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