Thom article and the 200-400mm

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Two different switches.

Anastigmat wrote:

NOT! The switch occurred way before digital. It happened during the
film era.

Not much of a study of history, are you?

Yes a lot of professionals went across from Nikon to Canon around 1990 during the "autofocus revolution" on the strength of the EOS 1 compared to the Nikon F4. But the Nikon 1D/1Dx/1Dh were the first generation digital pro SLRs of choice in 1999-2000, and a lot of Canon film shooters and organizations went digital and switched to Nikon at a time when Canon didn't have anything comparable to offer other than the expensive, awkward EOS conversions Kodak was doing.

What Thom is talking about is the fall out of the second generation professional digital bodies. Roll the calendar forward three years and Nikon follow up the 1D family with the rather underwhelming 4Mp D2H. Shortly after Canon announce the 8Mp 1D mk II, and we see the second switch. The 1999-2000 digital adopters switch back from Nikon to Canon in large numbers and NIkon lost the majority of the pro digital market share it won with the D1.

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