5D Mark II - Field Guide announced

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From The Publisher

I want to clarify information on this post

I am the publisher at Wiley, and have the responsible for the photography titles. The title on this post is a “place holder” and was inadvertently posted externally outside the company.

Some background information - In order to get the process going, we must “slot” titles into our production process. We publish hundreds of titles a year and each title must be placed into our system well in advance of the published product. So we create place holders for titles. We already have the new Windows titles scheduled and that’s at least 3 years away. We can always delay the title and move it out, but we must get the title into our system 6-9 months out.

We are assuming Canon will release some kind of camera in the future, and one of our new editors created this title and used similar information as the Canon 5D Digital Field Guide, but change the name as to not confuse the internal staff (I think she read a rumor site with this title). The new editor posted the title in a public data base by mistake, which feed all of our accounts. Charlotte is the author of our other Canon Digital Field Guides and her name was used in this place holder, but Charlotte was unaware of the title.

This was an honest error by a new employee. There is not a camera to our knowledge, but we do know Canon will someday produce a new digital SLR.

Again, I apologize for any inconvenience this might have caused.

Barry Pruett

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