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Re: While we speculate on the DP2

If they had the restraint to put a short range zoom (e.g. equiv. to 28 to 70) then the challenge of optimizing the optics is reported to be easier. My assumption is that Canon will try to ensure that such a camera has the widest appeal in order to maximize sales and a high quality zoom could be the way.

johnnyhuman wrote:

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With the rumors of a DP2 and 3 later this year, let's kick in some
Canon rumors:


If (remotely) true, it'll be interesting. By having a separate G10
model aside from the standard, maybe they're also seeing the issues
of incorporating a larger sensor. Hence multiple models.

Shame that if Canon did make such a camera they'd probably put a zoom
lens on it. I prefer Sigma's idea of using a prime lens to optimize
image quality.

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