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Re: DP2

chemelneme wrote:

Size: No bigger than DP1.
Autofocus: I think it is feasible to have a faster AF system. at
least like entry level DSLR, like a Canon Rebel which costs no more
than 1k.
LCD Lag: this is very easy to solve.
Better LCD: Also possible.
Faster Lens: This is very possible too, without sacrificing size.
APS Sized 10mp Foveon Sensor: This is also possible I'm 100 percent
sure. My first DSLR had 3mp and a 512mb microdrive (which I bought
for about $240). Now I have an 8gb sdhc on my DP1 (80 bucks) and most
DSLRs are above 10mp and also smaller than some years ago.

In your first post you said the sensor should be "the size of 35mm film." This is not APS size.

In either case, Sigma's next SLR won't even have a 10mp sensor, so I'm skeptical they would have one ready to fit into the DP2.

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