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hsrurs wrote:

Is there any niche for the telephoto lens in the range 800mm and
1000mm.(AF-S IF ED VRII)

Probably not. Nikon makes about 300 of the more popular exotics a month. Obviously, as you go up in length and price you get fewer takers. Moreover, the longer the lens the harder it is to find and track a moving subject.

There is already a 3rd party lenses available at this range. Sigma
has 800mm and 300-800mm zoom which is cheaper than nikkors. My
argument is when a company like sigma can design such exceptions, why
not nikon?

Well, that argues against Nikon doing it, actually. If there's low demand and someone is already fulfilling it, you're not likely to enter the market. And BTW, have you actually handled either of those lenses? I have a hard enough time with the 400mm and 500mm ; ).

Also, Nikon has a lot of holes to fill in their lineup. Let's imagine 1000 Nikonians in to a room. Okay, how many of you would like some new fast primes, raise your hand? Good, now how many of you would like an 80-400mm AF-S VRII, raise your hands. Got it. Now, how many of you would like an 800mm AF-S VRII, raise your hands. Okay, of those five of you with your hands still up, how many of you can afford US$10000? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

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