New Epson R2880 printer: 13" with Vivid Magenta K3

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Actually we are the problem

Epson is not the problem. The people buying the printers are the problem. Why is the ink so expensive? Because the ink fits into a cartridge and the cartridge is relatively expensive to manufacture. Why are the cartridges small? Because they have to be to fit on the carriage. Why do they go on the carriage? Because it costs a lot more to design and manufacture a system with the cartridges off the carriage. Why don't they build one that way? They do, and people don't buy it very often, which is why they do it like they do.

We need to look in the mirror here to see the problem. Everyone is always complaining about how much ink costs but the fact of the matter is that the vast majority of people, when given the choice, will opt for the cheaper printer with higher ink costs than a more expensive pirnter with much lower ink costs. Ergo, for every 3800 Epson sells they sell 10 R1900s.

The same facts hold for quality, which is why we keep getting printers with lower build quality.

thx1138 wrote:

Joe wrote:

I agree. Nothing to see here. Certianly was looking for not having
to swap blacks and a gloss optimizer.

Absolutely pathetic to still have to switch blacks manually and the
ink cartridge sizes are a sick joke. This is clearly a deliberate
effort to extract as much money as possible from us for ink.

I await the 3880 and will continue with my R2400 for the foreseeable

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