Huey or Colorvision Spyder?

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Re: Huey or Colorvision Spyder?

AllOtherNamesTaken wrote:

I made some prints the other day on my own printer, and they looked
10 times better on my monitor in photoshop than they did after
printed. They were WAY too dark in print, and the saturation was way
more visible in print than in photoshop. I figure it's about time I
calibrate my monitor. I have a Dell 2407 FPW, and my brother has the
3007 FPW. I noticed the 2 main calibrators are both the Pantone Huey
and the Colorvision Spyder II. The huey is significantly cheaper,
but is it as good as the colorvision spyder? Any opinions would be
greatly appreciated.



Speaking from first hand experience, stay away from the Pantone Huey Pro. There seems to be a wide spread of defective units. I suggest you go to Amazon website and read the reviews. I just returned mine back to Amazon this week.

After calibrating, my monitor had a pinkish color cast. I tried it on two different computers and ended up with the same results.

When I decided to purchase I thought that most of the defective units were dealt with and I should be able to recieve a good unit from a high volume retailer. I guess my gamble did not work out.



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