D300 NEF: Damned without NX???

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D300 NEF: Damned without NX???

I've been shooting with the D200 for a couple of years now, next to some HDR or noise reduction jobs I've used Apple Aperture exclusively for all NEF PP work.

A couple of weeks ago I bought a D300 because I just had it with the AF performance of the D200, started to get grumpy every time I picked it up and that's not what this hobby is all about....

Last night I was at the Dutch coast for some sunset pics when I saw the shot pictured below; turned to Manual Exposure, took the shot and after checking the (brilliant) LCD I was convinced I had bagged the shot.

Once home I was a little disappointed with the results, the picture I saw on the D300's LCD didn't look anything like the one I was looking at on my laptop screen:-(

A little baffled I decided to use Nikon ViewNX to open the same NEF file and see what it could do.

Here is the exact same shot twice, the first one as Aperture presents it and the second converted with ViewNX to TIFF, both have the exact same pp applied in Aperture.

D300 (default PC settings) with 70-200VR set on 200mm and manually exposed to ISO200, f/4.5 and 1/800:

Aperture only:

Default ViewNX TIFF conversion and pp-ed in Aperture:

See any difference???

I don't mind using NX to convert my pics as only 1% of my shots is up to my standards, what I do hate is that I normally would skip past images like this because they look beyond repair (still can't reproduce this one in Aperture alone).

Don't want to process all images with NX, maybe it's time to start shooting NEF+JPG to have both a digital negative and a version with all Nikon settings applied.....

Any other ideas????

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