New Epson R2880 printer: 13" with Vivid Magenta K3

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Re: OK Scott - So what does Epson have next

I do not think EVERYONE wants Epson to go 100% with 9 inks. In an ideal world, it would be ideal if there was a pigment black that could be equally good on both matte and glossy paper and therefore only need 8 inks.

I just looked up HP's pro printer page and as luck would have it, they only have better than 6 ink printing systems on their 24" and bigger printers.

So you are penalizing Epson for having the best output in part because they have two different blacks on printers down to 13" wide for optimum output on both extremes of media...matte and high gloss. How selfish of Epson. It must really stink for those of us to be using these highly inferior and antiquated printers, ESPECIALLY compared to all the competitor's products. Sheesh, how does Epson even get ANYONE to buy any of their junk? I mean, what is keeping Epson out of bankruptcy?

By the way, how much does the average DP member, using these level of Epson printers spend on drinks while away from home each week? You know, coffee, soft drinks, ice tea, hot tea, ect?

David_C wrote:

My point is this is 2008, Epson has had how many years to up grade
the 2400. In all those years one of the biggest complaints is having
to swap inks. So OK Epson went 50% of the way on the 3800, so on the
3800 you still waste ink in "switching" inks, but that was 2006. So
18 months later the GRAND thinking at Epson is to NOT go the same
50%. Mind you EVERYONE, and I mean EVERYONE wants Epson to go 100% of
the way with 9 inks and no swapping and no switching. I find that
stupid. :))

So 1.13 and 3.38 = $4.51 a round trip. Say once a week 52 weeks a
year = $234.52.........say for 3 years = $703.56

Say twice a week = for a year = $469.04.....for 3 years = 1407.12.


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