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Re: I will not buy a DP2

Hahahhahahahahaha....!! No way, I wouldn't vote for any other Bush.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining about the DP1... When I made the choice of buying it, I was either going for the latests DSLR either Canon or Nikon, or the DP1.

Why did I decided for the DP1? The IQ reminds me of film... I don't care about any tests, the DP1 just has the same kind of response that I love from film cameras.

Also I kind of stopped using my previous DSLR, because it was too big... I was lazy to take it to trips, so I mostly left it at home. I'm taking more pictures with the DP1 that I ever did with my previous cameras.

The DP2 thing was just to talk about what could be improved in the current model. Nonetheless, I wouldn't change my DP1 for anything right now... Not even the Leica M8 at the same price, I don't think the Leica has the same filmlike image quality.

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