New Epson R2880 printer: 13" with Vivid Magenta K3

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Scott Weierich Senior Member • Posts: 2,100
Re: OK Scott - So what does Epson have next

WOW, you really lost me on this illustration.

A printer uses consumables (ink and paper) that produce a finished product that can be sold to a client. A Ford pickup truck is a mode of transportation that doesn't produce a tangible product that can be sold. It too is a tool, but not a tool that produces a finished product that is sold. I personally have never understood those of us who try to equate a printer using ink to a car/truck using gasoline.

David_C wrote:

I have to laugh at myself, at my earlier post. My thoughts at this
point in time, selling a printer with 9 inks but only 8 slots is like
Ford Motor selling a new pickup truck with a 16 cylinder engine and 2

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