New Epson R2880 printer: 13" with Vivid Magenta K3

Started May 23, 2008 | Discussions thread
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Re: When will we see the new 3880?

Eric Chan wrote:

IMO, it's not a simple matter of updating the ink set. The print head
tech has to change since you can't use the new inks with the old
heads (supposedly it will destroy them). So the R2880 inherits the
new head tech and presumably the newer screening algorithm employed
first by the 3800 and then later by the xx80 models (4880 and up).

Do you have any evidence to that fact? To my knowledge Epson has never released an ink which will dissolve the heads. Clog? Perhaps, but not destroy them. IMHO, it is a marketing ploy. Vincent's early review seems to support my contentions that the differences in inkset and screening algorithms is mostly hype.

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