Thom article and the 200-400mm

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Re: Thom article and the 200-400mm

Hi Thom! Your article about lens selection is most comprehensive. Not many of us get to think of feasibilty when selecting a telephoto lens.

I have been a avid birdwatcher and a nature enthusiast. I always found that i was falling short of my subject. I use to think of having 400mm or 600mm nikkors in this instance and dream about the images that i could have made with it.
Now, my question for you is:

Is there any niche for the telephoto lens in the range 800mm and 1000mm.(AF-S IF ED VRII)

I would like to know is there any possibility for nikon to introduce these exotics in coming years.

I feel, considering the fact that market has grown rapidly for telephoto lenses in past 5 yrs, its is quite apparent that Nikon would fill in the gaps for its overdue long telephoto lenses.

There is already a 3rd party lenses available at this range. Sigma has 800mm and 300-800mm zoom which is cheaper than nikkors. My argument is when a company like sigma can design such exceptions, why not nikon?

I do understand that weight is considered in determining the flexibility of long tele lens. But what if you are having to do your photography locally and have flexibility of carrying this lens around?When photographing nesting birds having long telephoto lenses can make the bird less nervous and good pic is assured.

There are some birds which are really shy and hard to predict their behavior on field.

Having a telelens can considerably improve my chances of making a good pic of the bird.

Thom all i want you to do is throw some light on future possibilities from nikon. I certainly feel long telephoto lens above 800mm can be made affordable for the market in coming years.

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