New Epson R2880 printer: 13" with Vivid Magenta K3

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Re: OK Scott - So what does Epson have next

If I were spending your money, I would have already bought the 3800 when it first came our. Use the right tool for the right job.

Here is my recommendation based on printing volume:

R2400(R2880) if you are printing occasionally - a couple of times a week or less.

3800 if you are printing daily and printing less than the equivalent of 30 8x10s per week.

4880 if you are printing more than the equivalent of 30 8x10s a week on a consistent basis.

It seems that those who complain the loudest often are the ones who can actually afford and justify the cost (through usage) of the 3800 or 4880. It would seem that you are one of those folks who shoot a high end Canon camera and lenses and perhaps shoot professionally or aspire to shoot professionally - if you can afford the camera, lenses, flash, and other equipment, you can afford the right printer too. I don't think we take the time to sit back and realize exactly how many dollars we have invested in camera equipment before we complain about the cost of a higher end printer like the 3800 and above on the Epson line.

Epson quality from top to bottom has been top of its class for many years. Epson is a smaller company than HP and isn't trying to sell anywhere near the number of product lines that HP does so I think this is why they are able to provide the innovations and quality that keeps them on top. This too is why I use a Mac; Apple is an innovator just like Epson and they know their market well and deliver.

David_C wrote:

Scott Weierich wrote:

I mentioned this back nearly 2 months ago.

When I saw the post about this new printer I though, OK maybe I will
get the R2880, but that was before I realized the waste of changing
black inks and the size of the ink tanks.

What can Epson be thinking, do they think we are fools?

Come on HP, bring us some Epson killers.


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