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Re: R2400 or R1900

Thanks for the information re different sites and re R 2480 to be out in June. I'll have to study all this. I just spent some time on the site below reading the 1900 review (very helpful) :


Unfortunately I feel that I may have to eliminate the 1900 from my list - a real pity because, apart from the B/W issue and the issue (see below) it seems to deal efficiently with some of my particular concerns i.e. it has a sort of anti-clogging system!!!! and it takes thick paper. (By the way, I learnt (on above site I think) that the HP 8850, which at first seemed an interesting option, can't handle 1.5 mm paper but that the 9180 can). My other concern is ink consommation. One can compare different printers about this on this site, I think, because there are good specification lists. I haven't studied enough yet to know if $1.16 per ml for the 1900 is good or not...

Personally I don't like the idea of the 1900 choosing automatically which black to use according to the paper one uses. With my 2000P I often chose the gloss option when printing on matte paper. ( Someone here advised this for other reasons i.e. ink leaks on paper etc.) but the overall results were often better too. Whatever, one sometimes looks for certain effects and I really dislike this automatic choice of black. (I could be wrong...)

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