Bummer! New low end imac

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Re: Bummer! New low end imac

The difference is not the card, but the type of display. From what I understand, the 20" uses the cheap TN type of LCD, whereas the 24" uses H-IPS technology which is much better at reproducing colors accurately (on par with very good CRT monitors). The Apple Cinema Displays are S-IPS and the H variant is the latest iteration of this technology.

Even though you'll do ok by getting a 20" with a calibrator, you simply won't get the same sort of accuracy and consistency that you will with a better panel. I'm surprised that the cost is not more different, given the other hardware is not much more expensive from the 20" to the 24".

My advice would be to get the 24" and save yourself some headaches down the road. There is no substitute for a high quality monitor, which is why you'll pay several thousand dollars for a top of the line LCD. I use the 20" at work (college newspaper) and it's not very accurate, despite calibration on a regular basis. It's too bright, for starters, and has a magenta cast that calibration doesn't seem to fully correct. I get far and away superior results at home on my Dell 2007WFP which is an S-IPS panel. If you look on a harder angle on the 20", you will see a very purple cast on the screen, which you won't get on the 24".

Good luck whatever you do, but I strongly recommend you get the better panel, even though it is larger.

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