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I agree with Bad Pic Kev

that a good safe rule of thumb is to get twice the holding capacity than what you need

The only other advice I really have is to get something with a quick release plate. Nothing is more frustrating than missing a shot because you're fiddling around with threading the camera to the tripod.

Generally, tripods with fewer leg sections are the most stable even though they don't fold up as small. I prefer tripods with only 3 leg sections. I also like tripods with a center column because it helps me quickly choose the right angle. But some photographers don't like center columns because they're a bit less stable. These pointss are just a matter of opinion and everybody will have a different preference.

Right now I've got a Gitzo 3530 with an RRS ballhead and L plates. It's really nice

but it cost me like 1300 bucks with a case, plate and everything. That's kinda ridiculous. I carried an old bogen for 12 years that worked just fine and it only cost me a few hundred bucks when I bought it.

Here's the bogen I used for many years:

elbow bracket:
cable release

It's a nice tripod for the money! You might find some tripods for cheaper but I think that particular Bogen is the minimum quality that I'd feel safe buying. It's very stable, reasonably priced, and it should last for many years even with some abuse. I really think a photographer needs to spend 200-300 dollars to get a decent tripod. If you don't have that kind of money then it might be a good idea to save up for awhile.

Hope that helps...good luck with your decision

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