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Re: DP2

OK! Ok!!! What I meant in my first post was say yes or no! I forgot to write the "no" part... Nonetheless, it picked up some good points from everybody, so I'll try to fix the DP2:

Size: No bigger than DP1.

Autofocus: I think it is feasible to have a faster AF system. at least like entry level DSLR, like a Canon Rebel which costs no more than 1k.
LCD Lag: this is very easy to solve.
Better LCD: Also possible.
Faster Lens: This is very possible too, without sacrificing size.

APS Sized 10mp Foveon Sensor: This is also possible I'm 100 percent sure. My first DSLR had 3mp and a 512mb microdrive (which I bought for about $240). Now I have an 8gb sdhc on my DP1 (80 bucks) and most DSLRs are above 10mp and also smaller than some years ago.

Why am I so positive... We'll because I've been following the DSLRs since this site was called philaskey.net (or something like that I dont reacall exactly). First "affordable" DSLR was the Canon D30. At that time, nobody believed in CMOS sensors and Canon came up with a great Cmos sensor camera. It costed me like $4,000 or so. Then with each next model, the prices were lower and the quality better. Now we can get any good DSLR below $1,500.

And now, comes along the DP1, with an IQ I haven't seen before and at a very portable size... Why not dream of something better?

Believe me a new Sigma DP will come along soon, with features not too far from our wishes...

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