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I'm a happy owner of a Epson 7600 printer set up for their Ultra Chrome inks and I found thru a wide range of supplies and accessories making re-loading (re-filling) cartridges a snap.

They do however offer CIS equipment (Continuous Inking Systems) for a wide range of Epson, and other's printers. The large 110ml cartridges the printer has allow me a fair amount of printing before re-loading so I haven't tried a CIS system from them.

What I CAN say tho is their inks are fantastic and as good (better..?) than Epson's. Definitely not any worse in any way what so ever. I can also add that their inks are extremely color fast and fade resistant. I have had work hanging in both gallery's and homes now for a couple years and are just as bright and sparkley as the day they came out of the printer.

Kelly Paper is another "sleeper" in the industry here on - print paper and the variety of it. Granted they may only have rolls of what your looking for but a 24" wide by 100 ft for + - $100 American bucks is a gonga. Again, it seems to be as good as "anyones" and when mounted, framed and behind glass, it's all good....

I often cut print size sheets from the rolls, up to 24x36 and while there may be labor involved it sure saves on the $$$. Just store the cut sheets flat in the appropriate size box and your as good as rain. .
Bob - Tucson

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Does the equipment make the man..? No..! But it sure can make the man money...

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