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Re: gray market cameras

good info, thanks. i think ill avoid

velbon wrote:

Gray market equipment is basically the SAME as the officially
imported equipment (YES, everything is in English).

The ONLY difference is:

  • Gray market goods are imported into the country by the private

companies/individuals BYPASSING the official importer for that
particular country.
These companies/individuals then sell the gray market goods to the

  • Official merchandise (non grey market) are imported into the

country by its OFFICIAL representative for that particular brand in
that particular country.

For example B&H ( import "grey market" Nikon
equipment into the USA and sell them direct to public BYPASSING NIKON
AT THE SAME TIME, B&H also buys from Nikon USA and sell the
"official" version to the public.

The grey market (or the "imported" version) is of course cheaper,
since there is NO MIDDLEMEN.

If you want to buy grey market, stick with reputable dealer such as or

Good luck.

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