Introducing Super Light Globe

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Re: Introducing Super Light Globe

I pointed the edge of the tunnel/dome to the nose. I will
experiement with other settings to see what is best.

Note: this is not a diffuser.

The white dome is made from the flexible rubber-like launch
pad for kicking the ball (as used in rugby sport here in Australia).
You can fold it completely flat and put in your bag. You can
find it in sport stores for less than $2.

The band across the middle is made from cutting mat
that I used for the Super Diffuser as shown here. You can make
one in a minute. No fancy design is required, just something
to cover the flash will do:

If you want some diffusion with the Super Light Globe, put the Super
Diffuser above inside the dome.

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andyroo770 wrote:

I like it!! Are you bouncing the flash off a wall or shooting direct
flash through your device? Do you have an off camera flash cord??

Can you explain what it is made from or is this trade secret?? $2
sounds a good deal!!

I was considering taking my flash with me tupperware shopping to see
whether a cloudy tupperware box would fit well and produce a good
diffuser, your design looks way more sci-fi though and possibly more


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