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Re: DP2

chemelneme wrote:

  • Foremost!!!! Autofocus!!! Something as fast as an entry level DSLR.


  • Resolution: 10mp Foven, chip size of 35mm film, would yield IQ far

beyond anything in the market right now.

YES, but probably better stick to APS-sized sensor; good enough and still small.

  • Better LCD.


  • Better response time (shutter lag, LCD lag), as fast as entry level



  • JPEG + RAW files.


  • The current 28mm lens is great, but if they could do an F2.8 lens..

Then it would be perfect. And if Sigma could make interchangeable
lens system, then it'd be the holy grail of digital photography for

YES, but make it 35f2.8 or 40f/2; then you can keep a similar size lens.

Interchangeable will be great, but that would mean putting the shutter into the camera body, dealing with dust issues etc. 35 or 40mm will do the job well enough.

There are other improvements to be done of course, but with the above
listed features, I can't think of any other camera that would get
close to this "would be" DP2.

A similarly hypothetical Canon G10 with 40D sensor and something like 35mm f2.8L lens would be immediately better that this DP2, msotly due to the other advantages of a major manufacturer system- better flash, better metering, better image processing tools available, and better interface.

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