ball head battle, which is better ??!!!!

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Re: ball head battle, which is better ??!!!!

Idaho360 wrote:

Really Right Stuff makes one of the best ball heads. Roger

Be aware that RRS has changed their warranty policies. I'm not sure, but perhaps they've changed owners.

From a customer's perspective, I would have to say that they no longer fully back their products. On a recent warranty issue, the item I was having serviced was no longer manufactured but still well within warranty (2nd year of a 5 year warranty). RRS was unable to get parts to repair my item, but they wanted to charge me half of the now current retail price to provide me with a replacement. Fortunately, they found a reconditioned item and sent that at no charge. However, the whole experience has left me wondering about whether they will be around in a few years. It's really too bad, because RSS make s some wonderful accessories, but what good are they if you’re left wondering if they stand behind their products?

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