Convince me to buy an iMac...

Started May 20, 2008 | Discussions thread
mxs Senior Member • Posts: 1,385
If I can reply for myself,

I didn't flame you, I am only allergic to subjects like the one you used because I tend to think "What's in it for me if I convince you?".

The fact that you are and at the same time you are not happy with your Windows is something nobody can figure out for you. I use both, and I cannot say that XP bothers me, only when SPx needs to be installed, or service patch delivered ... so that is big difference.

I started with a used machine and it took me less than a couple of weeks to be convinced that Windows will never be remotely as good, unless many things change which I don't think is very feasible for Redmond model.

So, if you are only sometimes unhappy, don't bother I guess, but If you have some extra money, get a used G5 iMac (in case you don't like it you will not loose much money ...) and spend some time with it. 99% people figure out real quick that there's not much to compare (assuming you don't run some special apps which were not ported into OS X ....). Otherwise you can read other people's experiences and it will not do much (on contrary you might run into an idiot who will say that Mac can't use two-button mouse ....). Real world experience will do though.

The only thing you need to know is that OS X is not a hoax. It's very real and doing just fine. The rest is on you ....

Good luck,


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