20D -> 40D: is the high ISO improvement substantial?

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Re: 20D -> 40D: is the high ISO improvement substantial?

elgeorgio wrote:

I did upgrade from 20D to 40D.
Well, the high ISO is worse on the 40D. Check this little test:
Still I shoot a lot in 1600 and even with the increased noise the

The 20D is definitely the winner in this well made comparison test done with purist raw conversion in Lightroom.

In some other comparisons I have seen the 40D seemed to have a small advantage. Maybe the 40D has indeed an advantage at some colors or brightness levels. Or the tests did use photos that where taken or processed differently.

Nikon D300 jpgs show a lot less noise in the http://imaging-resource.com still life. But totally unacceptable noise reduction artifacts that remove all details from some of the printed fabric patterns.

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