Thom article and the 200-400mm

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Re: Thom article and the 200-400mm

I've heard that the 200-400 as a macro - is preety good.
Ive tried but I had a TC1.7 II on it, so not sure.

I have a D2Xs dont go beyond ISO 400 for good shots, recently i wish I had a either D300 or D3.

In have limited experence, I think its important for you to know;

1) Camera Body capabilities 2) your local conditions (light) 3) how good are you?
4) your usage?

Whats the 400, 500 and 600 like - I dont know?

But I must admit the 200-400mm is a bit short for most U.K birding.

However, Zoom feature is a plus point! I did consider the 400 F2.8 VR but overall its not as versatile, I think on a better body this lens will be even better.

Ray Barlow may have had some experience on this (macro) and may be the best person to comment.

Paul Sahota

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