Thom article and the 200-400mm

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Re: Thom article and the 200-400mm

Tom, what you say might be true about the best nikon ever has made, but it IS the best in it's class, it IS better than anyone ever has made in it's class, and it is capable of producing very very excellent results.

I've got a dozen or more covers shooting this lens that I would NOT have gotten with ANY other lens, the quality coupled with the zoom is just too good a combination. . .

To me it matters not how it compares to other nikon zooms, but does it do the job I need it to do, and does is produce images capable of being published along side the very best images made today?

Thanks for your thoughts, i've always read with great delight your material. I dont disagree with you, I'm pointing out that the 200-400 is the best in it's class, and that 100 more guys could write marginal reviews and it would not change the fact that it is a great lens . . .


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