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Re: Good explanation...

TimR32225 wrote:

Thanks for your explanation.

His beef is with Canon design, not the procedure needed to take
advantage of it. What he is saying in this thread (and in another
separate one) is that he beliieves Canon should re-design their
cameras so that they can focus using the high precision AF points, at
smaller apertures than the present f2.8.

No, no conviction.

It was a natural off shoot curiosity when Matt Mullen stated simply that light is contrast and proceeded to lecture on lens max aperture, which, as I took great pain to explain at length, didn't depend on his max apertures alone.

Too bad he did not question his own line and join in the examination of its meaning and implication.

Thanks for your link re: Chuck Westfall. It would appear that in Canon's newest camera, the Xsi, both phase and contrast detections are utlilized.

As for Chuck's claim that contrast detection can not work well with predictive focusing, I'm not sure that must be the case. I don't see why it can not be done with the right algorithm and fast enough computer in tracking the direction and rate of change then using the gathered data to be predictive. The perceived difficulty even lessens when aided by the input of coexisting phase detection working in tandem - this should enhance accuracy for both.

Now you can see as in my proposal, it makes no sense that a system should be hobbled on the basis of f/ratio alone. I am glad to see this being rectified in the co-deployment of contrast detection to take advantage of available light. Then Matt Mullen would be correct regarding his camera, ie, light is contrast.

But not yet.

He'll have to "downgrade" to an Xsi or wait for the Mark IV cameras. LOL


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