Finally, a D300 Near UniWB JPEG

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Re: Will do...

PixelDave wrote:

Seems like it would be fairly difficult to maintain proper WB during
the golden hour when the light is rapidly changing.

Not really. First note that with this sort of lighting, you don't really want a true WB adjustment anyway; that would make the golden hour a white hour. If you're looking to get the golden glow you want to adjust according to a reasonable temperature for outside light that won't make the gold look white. This is probably best done by eye during PP according to how you want the scene to look. Surely a true WB would not be appropriate.

Rather more generally realize that when the lighting is changing quickly, WB adjustment is always difficult, if a proper WB is what you want; this would be true whether or not you use UniWB for exposure.

Realistically, how much more DR do you gain by going this route?
Half a stop perhaps?

You gain no DR; the DR is determined by your sensor, not the WB. What you do gain is better control over a proper exposure and, therefore, more sure accommodation of the DR that is there to be had. With UniWB, your histograms tell you more accurately what your sensor is seeing and "how full" it is in each of the color channels. With other WB, you can be misled by the histograms both ways: that is, the histograms can indicate clipping of some channels when there is none or they can indicate some channels are not clipping when they are. With UniWB, what you see is what you have.

I suppose it is unfortunate that Nikon does not offer a true RAW
histogram with correct WB as an option. I am sure they could deliver
something like this through a firmware update.

It is indeed unfortunate. I don't know if this is achievable simply through a firmware update.

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