Finally, a D300 Near UniWB JPEG

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PixelDave Regular Member • Posts: 363
Won't that cause noise?

If you have to shift your exposure far enough so that your channels aren't clipping after setting the correct WB won't this cause additional noise in your exposures?

Please confirm.

gollywop wrote:

PixelDave wrote:

Sounds easy enough and thank you for providing all the detailed

Once the file is imported into ACR or NX and WB is adjusted, can this
cause the Red or Blue channels to clip using this method? I guess
what will happen once proper WB is applied?

Yes, this can happen at the default ACR or NX settings, but, of
course, no information has actually been lost. At that point you
simply use Recovery or Exposure to bring things back into line and
whatever other controls you need to make a good print of it.

Remember also that the ACR zero Exposure setting is actually +0.5EV
-- for some reason, ACR applies a "BaselineExposure" setting to all
cameras, and the D300's is +0.5. So, if you can remove all evidence
of "clipping" with a reduction of Exposure by 0.5EV, you really had
no clipping in the first place.

Also, how do you usually determine your WB in order to get accurate
or pleasing color?

Dave, I use the WhiBal gray card, either including it in the shot (in
a spot that is either very small and inconsequential or able easily
to be removed with the clone tool) or taking a separate shot of the
card in the same or similar lighting. I find the WhiBal works
extremely well.

Thanks again!

You're welcome.

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