Finally, a D300 Near UniWB JPEG

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Applying white balance afterwards

Sounds easy enough and thank you for providing all the detailed information.

Once the file is imported into ACR or NX and WB is adjusted, can this cause the Red or Blue channels to clip using this method? I guess what will happen once proper WB is applied?

Also, how do you usually determine your WB in order to get accurate or pleasing color?

Thanks again!


gollywop wrote:

PixelDave wrote:
Excuse my ignorance, but how does one create this curve?

gollywop wrote:

PixelDave wrote:

In addition to using this WB setting, is there a custom curve that
should also be used?

It is best to use a flat tone curve and all other settings at zero.

You do it using the Picture Control Utility that comes with Capture
NX (and other Nikon software products). Open the Picture Control
Utility, select Neutral, click "Use Custom Curve," which will default
as flat, click New, Name your curve, put a Nikon-formated CF in your
CF card reader, Click Export to put the curve on your card, put the
card in the camera, and Load the custom curve to the camera following
the instructions on p160 of the Manual.

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