Thom Hogan writes more about Nikon's plans for the coming year

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Re: Thom Hogan writes more about Nikon's plans for the coming year

Having followed Thom's writings for awhile, I am pretty sure when
Thom mentions "upper end" he is speaking of the professional cameras,
which are currently comprised of the D2Xs, D300, and D3. There seems
to be some speculation going around that a successor to the D2Xs is
in the works and very possible a smaller professional camera (ala
D200) with the FX sensor. These would be the rumored D3X and D10,
although nobody is willing to say just what the names will actually
be when announced; nobody knows if the much talked about, at least
here, D90 will actually be called the D90 when Nikon makes the

Thanks for clarifying that. On one hand, if the so-called D90 turns out to be the mini-D300 people are hoping for, you'd expect it to be a hit. On the other hand, it may struggle to compete against an aggressively discounted Canon 40D. I guess that would partly explain the low forecasts. In a way Nikon would be paying the penalty for having superior "upper end" products by not doing exceptionally well the the consumer segment.

As for the future FF DSLRs, I followed the D3X speculation thread the other day (in the D3 forum) with great interest. While a D3X seems pretty likely, I wonder what approach they would take for a full frame semi-pro camera. As many pointed out, if you put a full frame sensor in the D300, you'll pretty much have the D3 :). Maybe the "D10" will be based on the D200 instead.

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