Is there ANY small, non-SLR camera that doesn't suck?

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Re: Is there ANY small, non-SLR camera that doesn't suck?

John Sheehy wrote:

Waldo_O wrote:

John Sheehy wrote:

All small sensors collect a small amount of photons, and have noise.
They are best used at low ISO. Any small-sensor camera that seems to
do well at ISO 1600, is wiping away detail with noise reduction and
creating a jagged cartoon, if you look closely.

So the question still remains John, which 'compact' camera would you
recommend at a non-DSLR price and why? You are often critical of
others viewpoints but your own real world experiences seem to be
mostly charts, formulas and overly technical viewpoints that most of
us probably care very little about.

You know absolutely nothing about me or my scope. All you know about
is what I choose to talk about in a gear-based web forum, filtered
through your simplistic dichotomies. I don't use these forums or my
pbase account, usually, for feedback on my photography (although
eventually I plan to start putting some of my work on pbase).

I don't believe I ever claimed to know much about you or your "scope" did I?

Here's another simplistic one for you. Do you reallly think that I am the first person who has happened across your multitude of posts pertaining to digital camera noise that might have a passing interest in what camera you are actually using yourself? And if I didn't hold at least some interest in what you had to say, we probably wouldn't be having this discussion now would we?

If you do end up posting some of your work, I'm quite sure that I wouldn't be the only person here interested - and not for the wrong reasons I might add.

It is not my personal responsibility to answer the OP's question in
exactly the way he asked the question. I simply replied to some
comments he made. I have not used all the compact cameras, and I
tend to purchase small cameras that cost almost as much as low-end
DSLRs, so I know little about the feature sets of the cheaper cameras.

It's not your or any other forum members' personal responsibility to do anything on this gear-based web forum John. If you gathered that from my post, then you obviously misunderstood my response to you. And one final simplistic thought for you John, forum posters who spend their own time here sharing knowlege and research do not go unnoticed or unappreciated by someone like myself. Let's just say that you are not on an island with regards to this.


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