The real advantage of Full Frame.

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Re: The real advantage of Full Frame.

I have played a D3 and own a D2x.

Last night I had to cover a rock 'n roll festival with my D2x.
All ISO 800 and above, lots of hot pixels, barely doable with my
85 1.4 and 30 1.4 lenses. I realy wished I had a D3 then....

But then the daytime. The quality of the D2x sensor at low ISO's
is very good, DX lenses are sharp, small and afordable with plenty
of reach.

I did some newspaper-thing on the beach today with my 10-20, lovely...
And no vignetting issues with any lens more than to be expected.

So I have decide to stay with DX, although I am a real gear-head and
crave the D3's high ISO. I have choosen low ISO quality (see the samples,
I'm not to fond of this 'film-like' grain everybody is so happy with), and no
vignetting over High ISO.

Also, I will always stick to D2-like bodies, so the move to D300 is not
an option, so I might have to switch to FX one day after all.....

For now I'm in the market for a 1200 euro D2x second body, while I
bought my first one last year second hadn for 2800 euro's,
another advantage!


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