The real advantage of Full Frame.

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Re: The real advantage of Full Frame.

Why do you think that the same photographer can take better pictures
with a FF camera compared to a DX one?

Not sure about better. There is no absolute here.

What are the real and material advantage that a FF camera has over a DX?

Many have answered that already...

What are the missing opportunity that you have using a DX vs a FF

On the wide to ultra wide side FF's got better use of the lenses, and it is vice versa for the DX on the tele to super tele side.

Why should a picutures look much better if shot with a FF Camera?

Again, not sure if should look better automatically.

Don't you think that the advantages of FF as of today are a bit

If you are not obsessed with noise level and DR you MAY say the FF adv is a bit overstated. I am a FF shooter myself and other than the needed reach on the tele end or occasional needed deep DOF vs shutter speed I think everything else on FF is working for me beautifully.

Wouldn't you agree that the same great pictures can be taken with
both formats?

No doubt. IF both cameras are at the same level. If you are comparing a D3 vs a D40 then it is very obvious, isn't it?

My 2 cent is there is a market for both formats to co-exist. Don't expect the DX format to take an exit any time soon.

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