The real advantage of Full Frame.

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The Winemaker wrote:

One point on lenses and telephoto that is not making sense here
guys/gals. Let's say I shoot with a Tamron 28-300 VC lens on DX
format. At the 300 end, the image (being smaller in physical size)
amounts to the equivalent of, what? 480mm? (1.6x) Take the same
scene on an FX format camera, same lens (it's compatible for both
formats). Image you are trying to capture might be smaller at first,
or so it seems, but if you just enlarge it 1.6X from what it was
originally, it's going to look the same as the DX format. Hence, the
worry that you need to pack along Huge lenses or you will miss that
shot are not logical. Shoot that Eagle at 300mm with the DX or the
FX and when you crop and factor in the DX to FX difference, that
Eagle is going to be the same size.

But for the times that you can fill the frame at FX format (35mm)
then any magnification you do to it is cleaner, crisper.

Perhaps with your Tamron lens, but definitely not with a Nikon 300mm f/2.8 on a D300 and D3.

The Canon crop factor is about 1.6. DX is closer to 1.5.

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