The real advantage of Full Frame.

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arguros wrote:

I just wanted to ask you all why (nearly) everybody claims that the
Full Frame is the really way to go to get better pictures and pro
results andwhy it is much better than the DX format.

Because it happen to be true for many uses.
See my other post above that elaborates on this a bit.

Why do you think that the same photographer can take better pictures
with a FF camera compared to a DX one?

Depends on what kind of pictures you are after.

What are the real and material advantage that a FF camera has over a DX?

Thinner DOF, bigger brighter wiewfinders, more image information for the same sensor resolutions ... In short it is a very optimal sensor size for camera bodies that are easy to work with.

What are the missing opportunity that you have using a DX vs a FF

1) Thinner DOF.

2) Currently higher iso with good colors and dynamic range -- but this advantage might go away as technology advances though.

Why should a picutures look much better if shot with a FF Camera?

Depend on the picture. Do you think all digging is carried out with just one size of shovels? Different work requires different tools.

Don't you think that the advantages of FF as of today are a bit


Wouldn't you agree that the same great pictures can be taken with
both formats?

Not the same pictues, but with different kinds of images you gate different advantages ... Again, you seem to be dead set that there should be one single optimal sensor size. We will have use of different sensor sizes just as a we will find different sizes of screwdrivers useful.

You seem to be strangley irritated that many people are happy about the fact that larger sensors finally coming down in price ...

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