The real advantage of Full Frame.

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Re: The real advantage of Full Frame.

pixelman105 wrote:

the bigest advantage of full frame is better high ISO performance.
Personally I believe that with the improvement in electronics this
advantage will slowly go away. Another advantage is that wide angle
lenses are wider on full frame. this again is slowly going away as
lens designs are also improving.

Actually I think that over time it is the future of full frame that
is in danger of becoming obsolete not DX after all if electronics and
optics get to the point where the difference is so small that 90% of
the people can't take advantage of the differences I think most
people will opt for smaller cameras just because of the convience

Just look at who few of us have opted to use medium format over 35mm

  • sure it is better, but not enough better to justify the size and

cost. The same thing will someday happen to FX and eventually even DX

Surely any improvements in electronics, etc will be applied to both FX and DX?

If FX stayed the same and all advances in tech were applied to DX, your argument holds, but any such technological advances will be applied to both formats.

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