The real advantage of Full Frame.

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Re: The real advantage of Full Frame.

With same pixel size you won't loose anything but FPS.
i.e. 27mp on FF = 12mp on APS-C, files with FF are much bigger.

But in any other situation 27mp FX is better than 12mp DX, isn't it?

For landscape shooters with sharp hi-quality lenses Hi-Res FF is a godsend. Very expensive though.

lmpmd wrote:

The clamor you hear for FF is a mistake and will hurt the wildlife
shooter on a budget. It means a future of heavy, large, expensive
lenses to get him good reach. Noise can be solved in other ways,
using technology.

The desire of those unwilling to change, unwilling to accept that
their wide angle lenses aren't as wide as they should be by their
preconceived notions, will hurt others if Nikon goes FF on all their
better cameras.

Wildlife shooters, on a budget can get some decent reach with a 300mm
f4 lens and maybe a tc, but loose reach with FF and are forced to buy
heavy and expensive lenses requiring tripods - to hold the weight.

We are at a crossroads and I hope we make the right choice. This FF
is really hyped up as a great thing. But wouldn't you rather carry a
300mm f4 VR (when it comes out)for miles than a 500mm lens and heavy

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