Alergy to Apple's aluminium surfaces (no joke)...

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Alergy to Apple's aluminium surfaces (no joke)...


Am (very) alergic to ANY aluminium* products made by Apple. Within minutes (not hours) of touching any of the following, the skin on my fingers goes dry, cracks, hurts and if I don't stop touching the surface, begins to bleed - taking about a week to recover after ceasing contact.

(I owned the 12" PowerBook, the rest I got to borrow or at an Apple Store.)

12" PowerBook (had to sell it)
15" (Aluminium) PowerBook
15" (Aluminium) MacBook Pro
New Apple aluminium keyboard
MacBook Air

I have done some limited research using the Google, and can find limited info.

Do any DPreview readers have any experience of this?

I currently own a MacBook Black which is polycarbonate or plastic, and so am not suffering, but when next iteration of MacBooks are released, am keen to upgrade, so if they stick to aluminium, things will be a bit difficult.


AluminUM to US readers!

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