105VR or Sigma 150, which would you get?

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Re: 105VR or Sigma 150, which would you get?


This week I was also considering either getting the Sigma 150 or the Nikkor 105 vr. I looked at many pictures online and they both looked like they produced great images - as much as anyone can tell from most web quality images any way.

The best way to decide between the two I think is to decide exactly what type of shooting you want to do. I went with the nikon 105 vr because after I viewed many of the flower pictures created with it, I decided I want to shoot flowers more than insects, which seems to be the forte of the 150 and greater focal lengths. (Take a look at the water covered pink flower that is one of the pictures on nikon's homepage right now as an example). Another reason I picked the nikon is that I preferred the colors and bokeh of the nikon over the sigma, although the sigma's look incredible as well. I also like that portraits and other photography is made easier with the nikon via VR. The nikon is already on the long end for portraits, I imagine it's even harder with the sigma.

I got the nikon 3 days ago and I have really been enjoying it. I imagine I wouldn't have been disappointed with the Sigma either though. Here are some shots I've taken in the short time I've had it. These are hand held and wide open.

Creamy color and bokeh on a bouganvilla:

60% crop of Pecan Tree leaf:

I plan to shoot a lot more flower shots this weekend and will post some others afterwords.

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