reduce pixel size of photo for online or powerpoint use

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Re: reduce pixel size of photo for online or powerpoint use

The optimum pixel dimensions and resolution for Powerpoint is 1024x768 at 72PPI. That size will fill the full screen in a Powerpoint presentation with only minimum resizing. The resolution of most digital camera created images is read by image editing programs as 300PPI, though digital cameras don't capture resolution only actual pixels. Using a program like Elements, you can easily resize an image by changing resolution to 72 and the long pixel dimension to 1024 and then save it as a maximum quality JPEG for Powerpoint.

You can use the same size for e-mail (but I recommend smaller) but the image can use more compression for a smaller file size that transmits faster. I treat them both entirely differently making web and e-mail images 500 pixels long dimension and always add a copyright to any image I send out from my computer or put on a web site.

Photoshop 6 is fine. It's under Image> Image Size. And after resizing the pixel dimensions, you can go to File> Save For Web to create a compressed JPEG because Save For Web gives you control over how much compression an image can take with visual confirmation. Save For Web also automatically changes resolution to 72PPI.

sr telchilde wrote:

Does anyone know of a way to reduce file size of high quality digital
photos to make them more easily included in powerpoint or for
emailing? I am thinking of reducing a file from greater than 1 Mb to
a few hundred kb or less.
I have access to Photoshop 6 and I know it can be done there under
Help, resize photos. But I am looking for this info for a friend who
does not have access to any photoshop. Does Elements do this? or is
there any other program that will do this as a feature? prefer low
cost or free if at all possible. I believe she is planning to
download Picassa as an organizer and I don't think Picassa will do

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