*D 300 F/11 diffraction too limited?*

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Re: *D 300 F/11 diffraction too limited?*

Hide Takahashi wrote:

My D300 is coming next week so I can't check this issue, but Thom
Hogan says that D 300 diffraction is f/11. I'm not a landscape
shooter, but if you want more than f/11, say shoot at f/16 or f/22
with the D300,then the image will get softer, rather than sharper?
Will you be able to tell by your eyes?

You have to make the judgement if more DOF is more importantant than having some softness from diffraction, you might not even notice by eye.

I'm wondering if the diffraction point has something to do with the
sensor size.

It does from what I've read on the forums.

If I shoot the same small subject with both the D300 and the D50 at
the same distance from the subject and with the same lens, and if I
use f/16 for the D300 and f/16 for the D50,will the image shot by the
D50 come out sharper than that of the D300?

Hard to say if the increase in resolution from the D300 will drown out the effect of diffraction, you'll find out soon enough and I feel you shouldn't worry about it too much. You have made your D50 perform with awesome hummingbird pictures and I know you will do the same with the D300.

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