*D 300 F/11 diffraction too limited?*

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Re: *D 300 F/11 diffraction too limited?*

Hide Takahashi wrote:

My D300 is coming next week so I can't check this issue, but Thom
Hogan says that D 300 diffraction is f/11. I'm not a landscape
shooter, but if you want more than f/11, say shoot at f/16 or f/22
with the D300,then the image will get softer, rather than sharper?
Will you be able to tell by your eyes?

I don't have the 300mm f/4 (yet). But diffraction effects are gradual. It will likely take some serious pixel peeping to see them even at f/22. At f/16 it's probably going to be a non-issue. If you really want/need that depth of field, I wouldn't hesitate to stop down; the advantages will outweigh the disadvantages by a significant margin.

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