I am thinking about purchasing a Canon rebel XTI and need help?

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slade riley Regular Member • Posts: 146
Re: I am thinking about purchasing a Canon rebel XTI and need help?

eyeu wrote:

I understand the latest technology would be with the XSi but there is
nothing wrong with the quality of the XTi! I purchased a used XTi a
few months ago through Craigslist for $400. Do you want to spend
significantly more for the XSi?

I'm with Rick (above) on this one. I am new to the DSLR world (about 2 months in) using an Xti and I love it. I picked up a NIB (new in box) Xti w/ kit lens for $400 from a friend who was not into photography but was given it as a gift. I can tell you that after coming from Fuji point and shoot cameras to an Xti that there is a large jump when it comes to image quality.

If you are short on cash go with the Xti and save up your cash for a speedlite 430EX and a 50 mm F1.8 prime. This has proved to be a great setup for myself (and many others have commented the same on here. If you've got the cash go for the Xsi as I know you won't be dissappointed, but the Xti is still a viable option if you are cash strapped.

My gallery link listed below has all been shot with the Xti over the past couple of months. I love it!


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