Don't underestimate Canon

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Don't underestimate Canon


Even though this is my first post here, I have been a lite visitor of DPR for years. I come to this site not to follow the reviews but go through the specs mostly for new products. DPR is a place and easy to find specs 'all brands in one site' for me.

I remember buying a little 1.2 mp Olympus digital camera more than a decade ago. Then Oly's E-20 followed. At time, it was awesome camera with unbelievable 5.2 mp power. Then 'speed' needed... Before, I was shooting with both Nikon and Canon film cameras; I have decided to go with Canon and purchased 10D. Then 5D and finally 40D (for the speed).

I have not been waiting for 5D replacement but I'll buy it when its out there. As I read these forums, I see a lot of disappointments about "no upgraed yet, Nikon is taking over" messages. Please, do NOT underestimate Canon.

I shoot with both Nikon and Canon cameras. I shoot with whatever brand is giving me my needs at the time. But all these years, in digital photography realm, Nikon has disappointed me a few times. With D100, D70 specially. Crazy noise problem made me stick with Canon. I am happy that Nikon has made D3 and better lower level D300 as upgrade to D200. Well, good for Nikon, they have added some spice to the market.

But do not ever underestimate Canon.

I don't think Canon is concerned about Nikon and it's sales on digital photography. I think they are more concerned about what Sony or Samsung will do in the market then what Nikon has been doing. Why? Because Sony and Samsung have been greater competition to Canon in Camcorder market and beyond with their spending power. Now they have entered in one of the areas Canon had the monopoly all these years.

Canon has reason to wait for upgrades, I am sure and I know most of you are agreed on that with me.

Sony and Nikon cheering for upcoming 24 mp camera. Canon has only 21 mp they say... They say, Nikon and Sony will make awesome competition to 5D. And they say so many other things.

I guess, everybody is just talking to make themselves feel 'good' about their own decisions when they purchase a brand. It is just pure selfishness and insecurity of confidence.

I am not a 'brand' person. I'll buy whatever is good and whatever serves my needs better. I do not wait to purchase, I just make my decisions by the 'needs'. But, I don't like making quick decisions either.

Let's take a look at what that company offers, not in digital cameras but other products they sell. Let's take a look at the products they make and sell against Sony, Samsung, Panasonic and many other companies. Let's take a look at their two new products on Professional level HD video recorders. XL H1S and XL H1A. They will be available to buy in less than a year. One around 5K and the other around 8K. Look at those products... If Canon has the strength to produce those products and sell them at those prices (with super stabilized lenses), you can easily guess what can they do and most likely they are doing in still cameras.

Canon is aggressive enough to drop prices anytime. They have money to search, innovate, create. They sell little handycams around/under 1000 dollars that records HD. They are producing products for health care and businesses.

Don't be surprised if Canon puts !dsM3's 21 MP sensor to upcoming 5D upgrade. Or may be there will be no 5D upgrade and they will announce something totally new just like they did with D30 to 10D...

Don't be surprised if they make the camera speed with 6, 8 fps. Don't be surprised to see new over 30 or over 40 MP flagship right after Sony and Nikon's 24 PM announcements. Don't be surprised to see 16 or 18 MP 40D upgrade (not only Nikon they fight against in the market, but also Pentax/Samsung, Sony, Oly and all others. I believe 40D upgrade will beat Pentax's 14.6 mp too). Don't be surprised to see internal flash memory in Canon's cameras in a few years may be even sooner (they have implemented that in their HF10 handycam and yes, Sony and Samsung is going to do very similar thing too also in a few years or sooner).

Canon has done this before and several times. Remember D30 and then 10D... Remember 5D.

They are waiting to see what competition will offer. I am sure Canon is working on what they will offer gradually during next 10 years now. It is not a big deal for a company like that to skip couple models and announce greater designs they have already worked on. I am sure they were working on what 5D will be after 10 yrs right on that day they have begun selling 5D.

You know, there is a company out there, they have made a camera shoots 17-20 mp full frame raw, 100 fps. It called Red Epic and will be available in 2009. Do you think Canon is concerned about Nikon? Think again... Nikon is a little kid for them in this playground.

Don't underestimate Canon. You'll be sorry if you change brands now. Canon likes to wait and get the whole market back for another decade with unbelievable upgrades. Untill others catch up again.

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