Is Large Format necessary?

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Re: Quite agree, Frank.

I briefly held the Afi and loved it.

Yiar is amazing but so is the rest of Leaf, the amazing thing is that when I have a question or run into problems I normally get a reply within an hour from them.

When I was in the market for the back I asked pricing offers from Hasselblad, Leaf and Phase one.

With Yiar I was chatting till 2 in the morning (they have the same time as I do) and bought the back the next day, from phase one I got the offer 2 weeks later and they were surprised I allready bought a Leaf, from Hasselblad I'm still waiting on the call back (one year later).

Somehow that gave me last push towards Leaf and I never looked back, I do alot of sessions/workshops and although I'm beta testing the PC software for them since the start it never crashed on me or did something it did not suppose to do, so I'm very impressed indeed.

I indeed don't shoot large format so I cannot comment on that, for the time being 6x7 is large enough


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