That magenta thing...

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That magenta thing...

Hi guys!

I have been playing with my newly acquired S5 Pro for almost a week and so far I am loving it!!

One of the thing I was aware before getting the camera was the magenta problem regarding the automatic white balance. At first I was under the impression that mine was fine because it didn't struck me at first. Things changed yesterday while looking at some of my shots when I realized that, like most of you guys, my camera have the same problem too...

I did try the popular -1/-2 setting in the wb fine tuning option and, I must admit, it does help a lot!!

My only problem with that option is that I am always kind of insecure about playing with such settings. I rather do that kind of thing in post processing. That's why I have been doing several tests in CS3 in order to find a possible standard setting that would work regardless of the lighting conditions.

I am not a Photoshop expert so maybe there's better alternatives but so far so good as far as my tastes are concern.

The only thing to do is to open the "color balance" option in Photoshop ("image" --- "adjustments" --- "color balance"), move the "cyan-red" arrow to -4 and the "yellow/blue" one to -14.

Maybe this is old news for some of you but I had to share my finding with someone!

See below for some "before/after" examples.

AWB - Indoor lighting

Same shot after the color balance thing...

AWB - Outdoor lighting

Same shot after CS3

I know that at the end its always a matter of personnel preferences but personally I am quite happy with the result...

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